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Good day. My name is Alana. I have five children and eleven grandchildren! I feel young and spry, but I am reminded of my age now that my grandchildren are graduating high school and thinking about careers! As I was a university lecturer, they often ask my advice about their studies and future plans. Some of my grandchildren will go to university, but others are looking at trades since this is a growth area. I have quite a selection of information from various vocational providers and I love nothing more than poring through the options with my grandkids. I am on all the mailing lists and I get information about new courses all the time! It occurred to me that there would many people out there who wish to keep up to date about choices in vocational education. I hope this blog helps in that regard. Happy browsing!


3 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency For Your Next Hire

24 April 2019
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If you've been used to recruiting your own staff in the past, you may not be sure whether to pass your next hire on to a recruitment agency. However, using an agency can have a lot of advantages, especially if you need to hire someone to fill a newly created position. What are the benefits of getting help from an agency?  1. Market Salary Expertise If you're hiring someone to take over an existing job, then you probably have a pretty good idea about the job's market level wages. Read More …